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Multifunctional chicken proteins for meat processing
fresh injected, tumbled and marinated • cooked • emulsified
Natural chicken broth for food & savoury
soups, instant noodles • sauces, marinades, and prepared meals • liquid bouillons and bouillon cubes • savory snacks • processed meat
Chicken protein isolates for sport & health nutrition
protein shakes • protein drinks • tablets • capsules

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Partner in poultry protein solutions

Proliver the company

Proliver manufactures a complete range of natural protein extracts out of chicken or turkey. Our innovative technology converts fresh chicken or turkey parts into multifunctional, flavorful and nutritional protein products.

Proliver provides highly soluble or functional proteins and broths, available as a powder or as liquid concentrates. Our poultry-based proteins are widely used in the food industry, where the protein fortification trend continues to gather pace.

With PROMAXED™ we offer various solutions for the meat processing industry, whereas the PROSENSO™ line focuses more on savory applications. The latest innovation is the development of chicken protein isolates for sports, health and clinical nutrition.

Besides the proteins and broths Proliver also produces purified edible chicken fats for the food and feed industry.

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